Europe 2019

October 5, 2019 Parting is such sweet sorrow

Looking down on the Val dell’Adige.

We left the mountains today but not without a fight. In order to leave the Val dell’Adige we had to climb over a ridge with 10 to 15% grades.

Lots of riders on the trail. Clubs with identical jerseys and kit riding fast in pace lines.

A religious shrine along the trail on the descent to Verona.

After dropping down the other side we were in the plains. Italian history, cars, elegant towns with marble-laid walking streets, and air pollution awaited us.

A variety of pizza for lunch.

We enjoyed a wonderful dedicated bike path the whole way to Verona.

The path to Verona before leaving the Val dell’Adige.

Vineyards everywhere.

Verona is a 1500-year-old walled city surrounded on three sides by the Adige River which afforded protection from other city states. It is the number one tourist destination in northern Italy because of its history, one of the only intact Roman open-air amphitheaters still in use (that can host 15,000), sites like the House of Juliet and, of course, shopping at all the high-end shops.

After checking in to our B&B, we went for a stroll (una passeggiata) along the walking streets of Verona.

People waiting in line to see the opera “Notre Dame de Paris” at the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheatre built in AD 30.

Juliet at her balcony.

And finally, a word about keys. At every place we’ve stayed, keys open the door to our room. No cards inserted into slots to open doors here. For tonight’s lodging we have five keys. One to open the main door into the courtyard, one to access the stairway leading to the residence, one to open the door to the residence, one for our room and one for our own private bath down the hallway!

Our room at B&B Casaesvael

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