August 21-22, 2020 Junction Butte wolves and coyotes feeding on bison carcass

The Junction Butte Pack of wolves has 18 puppies born of three different mothers. That’s a lot of mouths to feed so it’s fortunate that, about a week ago, there were three separate bison carcasses relatively near to where the puppies are being kept, making it easier for the adult wolves to bring food to the pups. The first video shows four wolves, three black and one gray, feeding on the carcass. Two of the wolves are collared; 1229F is the black and 1228F is believed to be the gray, although she may be 907F. The black wolf with a white spot on the back of its neck is a male.

In the second video, there are also four wolves, all black, one of them a female un-collared black, different from the three blacks in the prior video. They had a brief rally after chasing coyotes off the carcass.

The third video shows three coyotes that were feeding on the bison carcass before abruptly leaving once they became aware that the wolves were nearby.