Yellowstone Diary 2020

August 18, 2020 – Seven gray puppies

There were 18 puppies born to three different females of the Junction Butte Pack of wolves in Yellowstone this spring, 11 black and seven gray. (It’s a myth that only the alpha male and female mate.) Typically, a female has four to five pups. The mortality rate for wolf pups can often be high, so the pups are always being counted. Until recently, only 16 and then 17 puppies had been counted, first 10 black and six gray, then 11 black pups were counted. In the past week, seven gray pups have been counted, as verified in the following video, accounting for all 18 pups. It is easiest to count the pups when an adult wolf comes in with food as most, if not all, of the pups will run to the adult.