Yellowstone Diary 2020

July 10, 2020

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Colter Campground opens to a new season. Dealing with COVID-19 will present some challenges this year but we are dedicated to a safe and enjoyable season for all our visitors. We think it is very important that folks have the opportunity to escape the pressures of COVID and enjoy the fresh air and mountains.

Our primary interest in selecting and applying to host with the US Forest Service was the proximity to the Lamar Valley which has some of the best wolf watching in the world. Folks arrive at day break each morning in the hopes of seeing wild wolves. The Junction Butte Pack claims the Lamar Valley and Slough Creek as their territory. Each year, in the spring, the females select one or more den sites to give birth. Then, as the pups outgrow the den, they are moved to a new site where the pups can begin to explore and learn to be wolves.

We usually arrive too late to see pups at a den site and most sites are not very visible from the roads. The last two years our first view of the pups were after they were deemed big enough to go out on their first ventures with the pack.

But this year we were lucky enough to spot the “child care center,” where the pups were moved out of the den. The site is still a long way from the closest pull out, about 1.5 to 2 miles away. But with a good spotting scope you can still enjoy seeing new puppies frolicking and playing.

Even though our offering is not a good quality video it still gives you a sense of the joy of seeing the pups.

The link to the video on youtube is here:

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