Europe 2019

October 03, 2019 – Valley of the Sun

After pushing our bikes straight up at the end of the day yesterday, to reach our B&B in the village of Castillo di Fiemme, we found a delightful proprietor by the name of Ivana. She made a mean breakfast which included apple strudel and a flaky pastry filled with mushrooms, cheese and ham. All baked fresh that morning. No wonder she has a 9.9 rating on

But all good things have to come to an end and there was a price to pay for coasting down the Val di Fassa the day before. So we spent the morning climbing over a ridge from the Val di Fiemme to the Val dell’ Adige.

We passed Billy goat gruff and his family on the way up the pass (I knew you wanted more baby goats😉.)

At the top of our climb we found a rail trail that made a gradual descent toward Trento through the forests.

After the rail trail ended, we had a steep descent to Trento, which took a toll on my disc brakes. (Don’t get me started on how bad and over-hyped disc brakes are.) Barb had no problems with her v-brakes.

Once in the valley floor we stopped at a Bici Grill for a snack then headed into Trento. When we were in Trento four years ago we found Tutti Pazzi Per la Pizza a small pizza place owned by chef Alex. In the week we were here last time we ate there every night and Alex gave us a pizza education, selecting a new Pizza every night and telling us about the origins of the recipe. It was a real pleasure to see Alex again and learn about happenings in the last four years.

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