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October 1, 2019 Most beautiful mountains in the world

  • Like the Val Venosta bike path, the Dolomiti mountains are also the most beautiful in the world. In Alaska the closest you can get to Denali in your car is 90 miles but the Dolomiti are right there in your face. You have to crane your neck up to see the peaks.

To get some fantastic views we took the bus to Passo Sella.

At Passo Sella there is a tram up Sassolungo to a rifugio tucked amidst the peaks at nearly 9,000 ft.

The star-wars-looking escape pods come moving by, the operator opens the door, and you need to hop in on the run. Then he closes and locks the door behind you. Up you go!

And UP! Can you see the rifugio at the top? It was first constructed in 1954. We wondered how they got the materials up there.

It took 20 minutes to get to the rifugio. But you get breath-taking views the entire way. If you prefer, you can hike a steep switch-back trail up to the rifugio. In fact, there are an astounding number of trails and rifugios in the area. A popular activity is to hike from rifugio to rifugio in the high peaks along trails that do not require technical mountaineering skills.

A view from Passo Sella

At the top you get great views of the back side of Sassolungo.

We saw photos on the side of this rifugio from May and June of this year that showed it entirely buried in snow.

Looking toward Sass Pordoi from Passo Sella

All this grand landscape viewing makes me hungry. Let’s go back down for a snack at the Sella bar.

Do be careful crossing the parking lot because cows have the right-of-way.

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