Europe 2019

September 28, 2019 Val Venosta

This is the valley of APPLES! Val Venosta produces millions of apples each season. In fact, 15% of all the apples consumed in Europe come from here and they are all organically grown.

Fall is harvest time for the apple crop. Everywhere you look people are in the orchards hand-picking apples and narrow little trucks pulling trailers loaded with apple bins are whizzing by.

We rolled out of Laas village this morning as an apple truck rolled up the street. They are built narrow to fit down the rows of apple trees. Then we headed to the world’s greatest bike trail…

You don’t believe me yet? You want more castles, fortresses, churches, trailside eating places and, of course, cute baby goats or maybe lambs? OK!

Not only does the bike path pass through many apple orchards, the mountain slopes on both sides of the valley are covered with apple trees, often on very steep terrain.

Since crossing into Italy, aka the Sudtirol, trailside “bike bars” (rad bars) have been easy to find with delectable food and drink.

Of course, the best thing to make out of apfels is strudel! Easy to find at rad bars. With vanilla sauce, please.

Many of the cyclists we’ve seen have been riding e-bikes.

The path and our route followed the beautiful Adige River to our destination just outside of Merano.

Toward the end of our ride we had a steep descent with multiple switchbacks.

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