Europe 2019

September 25, 2019 – Vive la Via!

We woke up to rain this morning, checked the radar and waited until 11 a.m. for a break in the clouds to begin our ride. Rain showers continued off and on all day but it didn’t dampen our spirits. The route was too beautiful for that. Once again, our route followed the Inn River most of the way. There was a bit of climbing but nothing too long or steep except for this section of 18% grade.

We crossed the river multiple times, usually on small bridges like these, designed for cyclists or walkers.

At times the route paralleled train tracks and then would veer away to a more pastoral setting.

Speaking of pastoral, we saw many cows today, most with bells around their neck like this one.

We joined the Via Claudia Augusta today, the old Roman path that starts near Augsburg, Germany and goes all the way to Venice. After tomorrow, some of our route will be the same as what we traveled in 2015, when we began our ride in Fussen, Germany on the Via.

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