Europe 2019

September 23, 2019 – Rain and Train

We had decided last night that today would probably be a rest day and that, instead of riding, we would take the train the 45+ miles from Kufstein to Hall in Tyrol. We were both a bit tired from yesterday’s ride and Barb was still recovering from a cold.

We woke up to rain this morning so that confirmed our decision to take the train. Conveniently, the train station was right across the road from our hotel. We purchased our tickets and waited on the platform for the 11:12 a.m. departure. Parked along the side of the platform were all kinds of commuter bikes.

It was so easy to take the train with our bikes. They even have designated a car for bicycles! We simply walked on with the bikes and took a seat. The train ride took an hour.

One of the passengers that joined us on the train was this sweet doggie. Europeans seem to have a more tolerant attitude than Americans when it comes to allowing dogs in restaurants and on trains.

After arriving in Hall in Tyrol, we stopped for hot drinks and a bite to eat before heading to Gasthof Badl, our family-run inn for the night.

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