Yellowstone DIary 2019

July 19, 2019 The chase is on!

After having a bison carcass within close viewing distance and having watched it consumed by both wolves and grizzlies you don’t expect to see much the next few days. But as a wolf watcher you must never make assumptions. We went in early as usual, before daybreak, which comes early in the Beartooths. A group of watchers had gathered at a turn out. Six members of the Junction Butte Pack were hanging out across the river in the Lamar Valley. One of the wolves, we think the Mocha Yearling, was casually following a big bull bison. This yearling has been quite adventuresome this summer. It is pretty well known that out of eleven packs the only wolf pack in the Park that has learned how to take down an adult bison is Mollies Pack in the Hayden Valley area south of here.

The bison must have gotten tired of Mocha hounding him and he started to trot. Mocha takes chase and soon the rest of the Junctions are on the chase as well. Soon, it becomes a full run as the bison now has four wolves at his tail. Two more wolves catch up and now there are six wolves running along side, in front of, and behind the bison. They start to run up the hill to the top of the Jasper Bench.

They disappear behind a ridge and nobody knows what happened next. Here is a video screen grab of the last moments.