Yellowstone DIary 2019

July 1, 2019 Colter Campground opens

We opened US Forest Service Colter campground to fine weather. It has been rainy for the last few weeks so everyone appreciated the great weather. Our good friends Cam and Dawn Smith joined us on the weekend before the opening and brought with them great wildlife viewing luck.

Foxes were one of the first animals we saw and we saw them everywhere! So we went down to the Bearclaw Bakery to have the best breakfast in Montana. Helen bakes foxes and many other scrumptious goodies. Terri’s menu is very creative and gourmet for breakfast.


We took the grand loop around the park and saw moose, bear, pronghorn, deer, eagles, a badger and bison with lots of red dogs. Then next day we took in the Beartooth mountains with breathtaking views at 11,000 ft. Up in the clouds we saw mountain goats, marmots and some strange 2-legged mammals sliding down steep snow slopes on boards.

We got up at  5 a.m. this morning to go into the Park and saw five black wolves from the Junction Butte pack and a very handsome cinnamon black bear.