Yellowstone Diary 2018

August 18, 2018

Although Yellowstone National Park is loved nearly to death these days it is clear that people need the park. The excitement and enthusiasm at seeing wildlife is clear. Most visitors are not prepared to view wildlife in a wild environment where they are commonly located a mile away.

Having the right optics to bring the animals closer into view is required for a good viewing experience. We have an adapter for our spotting scope that allows the cellphone to be attached and to view what the scope is seeing on the screen. This allows multiple people to “see through the scope” at the same time.

Mountain goats are often visible on the sheer cliffs of Mount Barronette. “Barronette Peak, el. 10,354 feet (3,156 m) is a mountain peak in the northeast section of Yellowstone National Park in the Absaroka Range.” (from Wikipedia)

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